A Brief Look at Stephen King

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Stephen King Many people say that Stephen King is the most successful and influential author of the present day. His novels have given reader thrills and chills since the 1980s. Most people view Stephen King as America’s greatest horror writer, but he also explores the idea of identity and the American condition in the 1980’s. On September 21, 1947 Nellie Ruth King and Donald Edwin King gave birth to their son Stephen in Portland Maine. While King was still very young, his parents separated. King graduated from Lisbon Falls High School in the class of 1966. From there he attended the University of Maine at Orono. While King attended college he wrote for the school newspaper. During his time in Orono, king wrote his first short story. King’s first novel, Carrie, told the story of a high school girl that is harassed and picked on gets her revenge by going on a killing spree. Carie started King’s popularity. Soon after, King released other huge hits such as Salem’s Lot and The Shining. The Shining, One of Kings most popular novels, horrified audiences in 1997. The story takes place at a hotel in the Rocky Mountain of Colorado that has a reputation of being haunted. The main character, Jack Torrance, and his family move in to the resort because Jack received a job there. Jack’s son, Danny, has the ability to see ghosts, but he does not tell his parents about them. The ghost in the hotel begins to possess Jack and causes him to get cabin fever. He is told to
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