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In the Novel the body by Stephen king The Character Gordie Lachance is a very girfted kid. Gordie is very creative having the ability to create stories for his friends and he also like writing stories. Gordie is also has good teamwork skills being able to act efficient in a group of people. Gordie was also neglected but he still managed to be successful.

One of Gordie’s character traits is creativity, Gordie has a talent for writing stories in the novel Chris and Gordie had a talk. Chris was telling Gordie “don’t let your friends drag you down” he was referring to Gordies talent of wring stories. In the novel you also read a couple of Gordies stories stud city and the revenge of lard ass. Stud city was very creative a lot of …show more content…

Gordie was also in the showdown with
Ace when he wanted to take the body. Goride did not run away like Vern and Teddy he stayed with Chris until the conflict with the body was resolved. Gordie has shown teamwork skills in the body being able to travel to the body and get home safe with Ray Brower.

Another Character trait for Gordie is neglected. His parents don’t pay attention to him mostly because his older brother Denny died in a car crash. In the body
Godie says “I’d been like the invisible boy all summer. So he doesn’t get attention from his parents they neglect him because there still in shock their football star son is dead. Gordie also says “it had seemed to take all the heart out of my parents. His parents have not been the same since Denny died even when he was there Denny still got more of the attention because he was amazing at football. Lastly at the end of the novel when Gordie came home from his journey to find Ray brower, he sat down in kitchen to make himself food his mom said where have you been gordie then said camping then she drifted off to the sink talking about how she missed
Denny. Gordie had was neglected by his parents they just missed Denny.

In conclusion Gordie is very creative being able to make up stories then write books about them and turn them into movies. He has great teamwork skills being able to work efficiently in a

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