A Brief Look at William Byrd

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While researching the style period the Renaissance, I came about the composer William Byrd. He played a large role in the paper I instructed and thus caught my attention. I chose William Bryd as the subject for this paper merely because according to “The Top 8 Renaissance Composer” Article by Aaron Green, he was considered by many to be a “genius” on the keyboard and perhaps the greatest English composer of all time. Other aspect about William Bryd I found interesting was his interact with Queen Elizabeth I and Thomas Tallis, and this major works like “Latin motets or Cantiones Sacrae” along with many more.
William Byrd’s early life is unknown; He is believed to have been born in London sometime between 1539 and 1545. The exact date is unclear. He was one of seven children. He had four sisters, Alice, Barbara, Mary, and Martha and two brothers, Simon and John. His parents were Thomas and Margery Byrd. There is no written record of William Byrd’s education, however he was a well-educated man, able to read and write very well in this time. William married in 1568 to a Juliana. They then had seven children and a lifelong happy marriage. He eventually after a strong career as a composer or chorister died on July 4th 1623 in a small village of Essex and was buried in an unmarked grave. William was a top composer in the Renaissance era and composed a large number of astounding musical pieces. Many believe that William Byrd outdid any other composers of his era and called him “a

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