A Brief Look at the Gesture

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The gesture Gesture is the natural, nonverbal way that human can use to communicate with each other, and recently interface with computers and devices in order to have control upon them besides conventional input devices such as keyboard, mouse, and joystick. In general, gestures can be categorized into static and dynamic. • A static gesture refers to the position and poses of hand without any movement, which can be represented by a single image. • A dynamic gesture describes the hand movement, which can be determined through a set of successive images or video frames (3D Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Sensor Fusion of Commodity Hardware). 2.3.2 Data acquisition This stage is responsible for acquiring and collecting gestures from the human (usually hand gestures). There are many technologies that can be used to acquire and capture the gestures, and then convert them into a digital form (Sensors for Gesture Recognition Systems) in order to be understandable by digital devices. These technologies vary in terms of capability and accuracy to get the gestures. The following are some technologies used for gestures acquisition. A. Cameras: are the main gesture captured technologies used in vision-based gesture recognition systems. There are different types of cameras such as color stereo cameras (using two cameras to obtain a left and right stereo image), 2D cameras, 3D cameras, and thermal cameras. These cameras can be used to capture human gestures and send them to

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