A Brief Look at the Syrian Conflict

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The Syrian Conflict The nation of Syria is a predominantly Arab country in Western Asia. Its border countries include Turkey, Iraq, Palestine and Jordan. The Middle Eastern region since the early 90’s has been a volatile area waiting to erupt in violence and protests. Iraq had the dictator Saddam Hussein and was on the brink of being invaded in the Gulf War and was invaded in early 2000 after the 9/11 attacks. In recent history, Syria has been involved in multiple situations in the region militarily. The purpose of this paper is to outline the key actors in the onslaught of the Syrian Civil War and how the conflict in the region will only further destabilize the Middle East. The true beginning to the ideals that began the war can be traced back to the 1970’s when Hafez al- Assad took power. Throughout his power, he was involved in multiple armed conflicts with Lebanon, Israel and Iraq. In the 1980’s an uprising started to begin. Hafez was an Alawite Muslim, which was the first conflict in his turn to power. The Syrian Constitution states that their leader must be of the Sunni faction. “It created tensions in an already politically volatile country. Hafez al-Assad was an Alawite Muslim – part of a minority group - but the constitution of Syria declared the president had to be a Sunni Muslim.” (Oomer) Hafez came to power through a military coup and being an Alawite Muslim only made the situation worse. In the 80’s, there was an Islamic Revolution, which would find its way
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