A Brief Note On Agency Visit : Thresholds And Hrdi

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Agency Visit:
Thresholds & HRDI
Darius L Riggins
Chicago State University
Dr. Shirlyn Garrett


For the past 56 years, Thresholds has been providing rehabilitation service for former patients that have been released from psychiatric institutions find a community after hospitalization. Thresholds has been a name in the mental health field since 1959. Thresholds is known as the first agency of its kind in Illinois, and one of just seven in the entire nation (About Thresholds). Thresholds has several locations throughout Chicago and even out to Kankakee, however Thresholds main location is 4101 N. Ravenswood, Chicago, IL. Currently Thresholds CEO is Mr. Mark Ishug. During the time of Mark Ishug being CEO, Thresholds was named as one of the “Top 100 Employers” in 2014 (Spencer, E).
Thresholds has always believed in the idea of providing support for their members and valuing all of their individuals. Prior to the 1960s, there were few treatments utilized for mental illness. Persons with mental illnesses were often hospitalized and heavily sedated for lengthy periods, stripping them of their lives, and often, their humanity (About History of Thresholds).
Thresholds has always practiced strong ethical behavior and showing that with support and treatment, people with mental health barriers can begin the road of recovery. Thresholds has always believed in its members and the potential that each member poses. Thresholds has always provided the chance for its
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