A Brief Note On An Accidental Racial War

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“An Accidental Racial War.”
An accidental fight started at school to where no parties were at fault until a circle was formed around us showing all the students that I am white and she is black. The school was enjoying a festival watching a talent show when a girl behind me accidently spilled her nachos on to my head, this may have started a fight against many students primarily of opposite races and I was to blame.
I went to a public Junior High School in Long beach, CA. This was a very culturally diversified school; the students had their “clicks,” as most students would call them. This is typically groups of people of the same interests: jocks, nerds, rebels, hippies and groups of the same racial background: African American, Caucasian, Filipino, Korean, Hispanic, or Samoan. The whole school was treated to a festival with good food, music, games and a talent show showcasing student performers. Some of the performers played instruments, acted out dramas, or danced. The festival was outside in the food court area, where we typically have lunch. It was a warm day and I was sitting by myself in a crowd of students watching the talent show. My legs were crossed on the floor, however, feeling a bit bored I decided to wrap the straps of my backpack around my legs tangling them. The talent show was coming to an end and the DJ started to play some music.
When all of a sudden, the teacher announced on the microphone “anyone wants to come up on stage!?” The crowd jumped up and ran…
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