A Brief Note On Economic And Financial Stressors

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D. Economic and Financial Stressors One of the many reasons why people work is to make money. As the cost of living increases, people need to keep up with their earning. Since it is not always possible to keep earning more through promotion, people decide to get second or third jobs in their free time to make extra money to support their life and family. Even though making extra money is beneficial to everyone, people give up on their free time, take more responsibility, and spend more energy. As a result, their stress level increases exponentially. In order to earn more money in the short term, people end up getting more stressed because it is accumulated in the long term (Matteson & Ivanceivch, 1987, 40). E. Situational Constraints Situational constraints occur when an employee`s environment inhibits him/her from performing properly. Important support personnel are usually fired first in case of budget cuts. Even though their job may seem unimportant at first, they are crucial to the workplace. For instance, there could be many information available for a person to finish his/her job; however, having a technical difficulty and not having anyone to fix this issue would cause time loss. Another example is inadequate training. If an employee does not receive a proper training, he/she will automatically be constrained because of lack of knowledge or skills. Furthermore, the poorly trained employee will seek out for help all the time and other people will get involved in the
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