A Brief Note On Hip Rap And Hip Hop And Rap Industry

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Hip Hop In Bollywood Living in the 21st century, one is highly exposed to many different cultures. Due to this high exposure lot of artists gain the ability to diversify their music. Yo Yo Honey Singh, is a prime example of an artist who used the high exposure to introduce a new and exciting style of music to the Bollywood industry. Bollywood being the largest movie producing industry in the world, is known for its native and colorful music. Yo Yo Honey Singh being an Indian rapper and hip hop artist, influenced the Bollywood industry by breaking free from the customary music selection and introducing a fresh taste. Yo Yo Honey Singh revolutionized the Indian hip hop and rap industry with his syncretic blend of native Hindi and western rap lyrics into his music. With the uprising of his music throughout India, he single handedly changed the viewership of Indian cinema by increasing a larger target market throughout the whole world. Bollywood first getting its official name back in the 1970 's, became the largest movie producing industry topping the American Hollywood movie industry. But in comparison to other movie producing industries in the world, Bollywood notoriously has established its image for creating a traditional music blend in their movies and creating stories out of them. "Once playback made songs even more important to cinema, music directors became a huge component of film. The filming of musical scenes became song picturization, a complex affair. Music

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