A Brief Note On Hourly And Rounding And Patient Satisfaction

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PICOT- Hourly Rounding and Patient Satisfaction

PICOT- Hourly Rounding and Patient satisfaction
Tamara Sheets

The highest priority in most hospitals across America is patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction begins the moment the patient steps in the hospital doors although nurses hold a majority of the responsibility. The face to face interactions between nurse and patient on a day to day basis naturally puts nurses at the front line. Nurses are there to answer questions for the patient’s while making them as safe and comfortable as possible. There are a lot of factors to take in to account while determing satisfaction in the hospital. A common debate in the medical field is if there is an …show more content…

Just to name a few pressure ulcers, slips and falls, and the light call.
Call light usage is a common way to be able to keep track of patient satisfaction. While nurses do one hour rounds they can get more done in less time, by going room to room and being able to confront positioning issues for patients as they arise. When a patient develops pressure ulcer in a hospital setting it is a major issue and called a never event. “The term ‘Never Event’ was first introduced in 2001 by Ken Kizer, MD, former CEO of the National Quality Forum (NQF), about particularly shocking medical errors (such as wrong-site surgery) that should never occur” (“Never Events”, 2009). If a never event happens it is common for the hospital to comp the patients stay. Per Ford (2010),” Turning and repositioning are considered basic nursing care. When nursing staff members maintain regular turning and positioning schedules with their patients, pressure ulcer rates on inpatient cases can decrease by up to 56%” (p.190). This study show that hourly rounding would have a positive impact on both the patient and the nurse’s satisfaction by allowing them to be more efficient and a less stressful atmosphere.
Having nurses doing hourly rotations opposed to not doing them helps to have a better form of communication between the patient and the nurse. Call lights are a common and easy way to monitor patient satisfaction upon their discharge. Call lights are important for

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