A Brief Note On Jit And Its Effect On How Business Is A World Leader Of Development And Production

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Every company, firm, or organization has a need to know and understand how to plan for production and the inventory needed to sustain it. During the reconstruction following World War Two an atmosphere was present that enabled pioneering minds just as Deming to institute several industrial theories into practice. Having embraced the concepts whole heartedly, these theories enabled post war Japan to become a world leader in development and production. According to Evans & Lindsay (2010), these concepts began to take root and have great effect on how business was conducted globally. One of these concept that still to this day are displaying complete relevance is that of Just-In-Time (JIT). It must be understood that JIT in time is only a supporting process of larger concepts such Lean production and inventory control, and how they interact with push or pull of materials within the production plan; How the concept of Kanban can be instituted to farther support the JIT process.

JIT is a management principle based on the idea of cycle time which sustains a follow of materials in a specified amount to predetermined stations. The essence of JIT manufacturing is the timely provision of materials, components and sub-assemblies as need arises in the manufacturing process (Daniel, Reitsperger, Morse, 2009, p. 3). This follow of materials is only moved when triggered by the requirement for the materials at the station farther along the production line (Starr, 2007). By
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