A Brief Note On Lia Lee 's ' The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down '

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Peter Lawson 12/8/15 Anthropology 150 Final Exam Answers 1. No, Lia Lee should not have been taken from her parents and placed in the child protective custody. When Lia was taken, it was on the idea that she was being abused by her parents, but clearly, there was no abuse taking place. Foua Lee, as it is frequently acknowledged throughout The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, dedicates herself to giving Lia fantastic care, as the chapter Gold and Dross illustrates. It is even observed that Foua takes better care of Lia than many white American families do their own children. Before the seizure of Lia by the state occurred, the primary offense which Lia’s parents were guilty of was of not giving the medication as directed, and altering the prescriptions. However, none of this was done out of malice, as might be assumed in the case of child abuse. Lia’s parents were acting entirely out of a desire to cure Lia, and were operating on their somewhat misunderstood conception of Western medicine. For example, they would double doses to double the effects. When something had a negative side effect, they discontinued the medication. Every action of “noncompliance” they did was done based on their observations of what made Lia better and what didn’t; everything they did was in attempt to help cure Lia. They would also choose to use medical methods from their culture over the medical methods of the Western culture when they thought they would have better effects on Lia. Far from

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