Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down Reader S Guide

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“The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down” Reader’s Guide
Directions: Read the captioned book. Then answer the questions contained in this study guide. Post your completed document to the appropriate assignment box on the course website.

1. What do you think of traditional Hmong birth practices (pp. 3-5)? Compare them to the techniques used when Lia was born (p. 7). How do Hmong and American birth practices differ?
I think the Hmong traditional give birth practice is very unsafe and dirty. The environment of giving birth is full with bacteria, germs and easily get infection for both mother and new born baby. However I find that the father burry the placenta after give birth is very unique and interesting. When Lisa was born, she was
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Other doctors who wants to be accepted by the Hmong could use a little to this philosophy.
7. How did you feel about the Lees ' refusal to give Lia her medicine? Can you understand their motivation? Do you sympathize with it?
I cannot accept the Lee 's refuse to hive lia her medicine. But as Lia 's parents a traditional Hmong family, they belief in what they had known and learnt from the past and their culture. They believe medication should not be taken forever or doctors cannot be trused. No, I do not sympathize with it, because Lia should be taken by Dr. Ernst and let Dr. Ernst to help Lia.
8. How did you feel when Child Protective Services took Lia away from her parents? Do you believe it was the right decision? Was any other solution possible in the situation?
I think it was the best decision that CPS took Lia away from her parents. I believe it was the right decision because Lia needed to correct way to be taken care of, not what her parents belief with false pride. I don 't think there was any other solution.
9. Were you surprised at the quality of care and the love and affection given to Lia by her foster parents? How did Lia 's foster parents feel about Lia 's biological parents? Was foster care ultimately to Lia 's benefit or detriment?
I did not feel surprised because Dee and Korda were certified as foster parents who
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