A Brief Note On Norwegian Black Metal

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Ra’ad Rihani
MUS211 – Final Paper
Norwegian Black Metal

The Oxford dictionary’s definition of Black Metal is “a subset of heavy metal music having lyrics that deal with Satanism and the supernatural“ . Fans of black metal, or any other music that deals with the occult, are usually considered outcasts, and some would find it difficult to regard this genre of music, as ‘Popular’, but the growing number of fanatics all over the world, mainly in the Scandinavian countries, would refute that.
The image in the cover page, is a picture of the three founding members of Mayhem, Per “Dead” Ohlin, Oystein “Euronymous” Aarseth and Jan “Helhammer” Blomberg. Widely considered as the pioneers of Norwegian Black Metal, Mayhem will be a focal point of the following paper. The three founding members are usually regarded as the forefathers of Black Metal. From this image, several important aspects of Black Metal spring to mind immediately, the leather outfits, spike and bullet accessories and face paint (also called ‘Corpse Paint’) make up a big portion of what defines a Black Metal artist or fan.
History and Influences of Norwegian Black Metal In order to delve into the basic intricacies of Black Metal, we must first consider the history surrounding Black Metal. Why is it that artists and fans alike of this genre, feel so strongly against Religion, Christianity in particular? Thinking back almost 1000 years, to the 9th Century, Vikings ruled the Scandinavian countries,

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