A Brief Note On Patients With Diabetic Lower Leg Ulcers With Activated Protein C ( Apc )

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Wounds related to Diabetic Neuropathy Patients with diabetic neuropathy generally ended up with wounds, since they have reduced ability to feel pain and temperature. The problem that the guideline addresses is “patients with lower-extremity neuropathic disease (LEND) with or at risk for wounds” (National Guideline Clearinghouse, 2012, para. 1). The purpose of the guideline is to “support clinical practice by providing consistent, research-based information with the goal of improved cost-effective patient outcomes as well as to stimulate increased wound research” (National Guideline Clearinghouse, 2012, para. 9). This paper will present a summary of the quantitative and the qualitative article, gaps between guideline and practice; also,…show more content…
In the final analysis, the APC treatment was concluded that it is a safe medication for leg ulcers, and provides evidences for larger clinical trial. “Overall, the results show that APC treatment of lower leg ulcers in patients with diabetes improves wound healing, with a subsequent improvement in patient quality of life and no deleterious effect on patient safety” (Kaley et al., 2013, p.5). Qualitative Article Living with leg ulceration: a synthesis of qualitative research is a study that analyzes twelve research studies about patients’ experience of living with a leg ulcer. The authors used a method called Qualitative Assessment and Review Instrument (QARI). “This tool is designed to assist researchers to manage, appraise, analyze and synthesize textual data and provides a structure for the synthesis” (Briggs & Flemming, 2007, p.320). Additionally, they used different database to gather the records and ended up with twelve studies that met the criteria. In summary, the topic that was most mentioned, with the most volume of data, was physical effects like pain, odor, itch, leakage and infection. Also, the least mentioned was psychological impact (Briggs & Flemming, 2007). Even though psychological impact was the least theme mentioned, that does not mean that it is not as important. Reasons could be that physical effects overwhelmed the psychological ones. The authors described the problem as the leg ulcer journey. It explains as two routes,
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