A Brief Note On Social And Cultural Theory

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Reading Education Research 2
This essay presents a comparative analysis of two research texts: “Pathways and transitions, Post-16 (Ball et al 2000)” and “Boys, Girls, and Achievement: Addressing the Classroom Issues. (Francis, B 2000.)”. The two research texts are analysed by highlighting the sorts of social theory that have been applied and developed in them, and how they ‘lighten what we perceive and experience’ in our early years, families, career lives, identity tussles and political orientations.
As such, this essay seeks to explain the differences and similarities of social and cultural theory in the two studies. It also explains the reasons why the research was undertaken focusing on historical and social contexts. Finally, this essay explains how the two studies used particular research methods to set the bases for the theoretical claims they raised.
Comparison of the Role of Social and Cultural Theory in the two Studies
Ball et al (2000: 2), affirms that the study they conducted is theoretically informed and historically based. The authors proceed by providing four dimensions in which the Social and Cultural Theory plays a role in young people’s relations with self and others, identities and opportunities in terms of their identity, social class and gender.
In both studies, we find that, despite the changes in gender patterns, the post-16 choices were still influenced by the past…
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