A Brief Note On The European Business Sector

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EUROPEAN BUSINESS SECTOR MINING INDUSTRY TWAREEQ IMAMBACCUS EUROPEAN BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT DR. INMA RAMOS WORD COUNT: 2000 06/04/2015 RICHMOND THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN LONDON Outline I. Introduction A. Member of the mine industry B. Trading metals and minerals inside and outside the EU C. Goods and services that are offered D. Basic statistic on production II. The Single Market for mining A. Achieving free movement of mining across the EU B. Free movement of mining in the EU C. Free movement of employees and consumers in Euromines across the EU D. Free movement of capital in the EU mining industry E. Public sector procurement of mining F. Importance of research and development for internal market G. Trading barriers…show more content…
Through the activities and operations of these members, metals and minerals were created in more than 42 types. Europe is the world 's leading producer of some metals and minerals. Euromines also delivers an official pedestal in which the members assess how European and International policies and legislation affect the industry and express common positions and actions to undertake. The mining industry is mainly involved in the primary sector of the EU economy as the members of Euromines extract metals and minerals from the environmental sites such as mining locations and quarries. The main metals that are mined are bauxite, chromium, gold, iron and silver and this contributes to 100% of the EU production. Euromines Representation in Metals Mining in % of EU Production The main minerals that are extracted from the quarries in the EU are Barytes, Potash, Magnesite, Bentonite and Sulphur and this accounts for 100%, 100%, 93%, 85% and 71% of the EU production respectively. Euromines Representation in Industrial Minerals in % of EU Production The main countries in the EU where the metals and the minerals are traded are in the Denmark, Italy, Germany and Belgium. These are the member states where the metals and minerals are mainly found and extracted for production of various goods. The graph above shows that the main exporters of metals and minerals are Germany, Italy and Belgium. Single Market The EU single market engages in attaining the free movement
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