A Brief Note On The Medical Child Abuse

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Munchhausen by Proxy
Medical child abuse
Denise Eversole
Lord Fairfax Community College

Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome (MBPS) is a disorder of which should bring awareness to the medical field. It is not well understood and brings a lot of controversy. This disorder is when a parent, usually the mother, who purposely causes illness to her child rather physically or emotionally. The disorder was named after Baron von Munchausen, from the 18th century who gained fame from his tales. The child only becomes sick in the presence of the mother which makes it hard to identify the cause of the illness. It is thought that the reasoning for MBPS is the need for attention The only treatment known for this …show more content…

It is thought that the mother does this in order to gain attention for herself. By doing this the mother feels praised as a good mother. The mother mistreats the children by making up false physical or emotional of a child perceiving the child to be ill. The child is a victim of maltreatment in which an adult falsifies physical and/or physiological signs and/or symptoms in the child causing this child to be regarded as ill or impaired. The mother will give false signs and symptoms that the child is supposedly to be having and a false history, by doing this the mother is serving purpose to her own psychological needs. The victim, the child to a mother whom has MBPS, will at times be in the need of extensive emergency medical care. Such as painful and harmful testing and even unnecessary surgeries. The ones that have MBPS, usually don 't appear psychotic. They are usually very calm while doing harm to their child with no remorse.
Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome was named after a German dignitary, Baron von Munchausen. He was known for for telling outlandish stories (Chiczewski & Kelly, 2003). MBPS was first used by Dr. Richard Asher in 1951. He described MBPS as a self induced illness after learning of fictional stories by Baron von Munchausen. Due to Baron fictional stories and his outrageous made up symptoms of MBPS, it was announced as clinical term describing the disorder as being a factitious

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