A Brief Note On Ultra Orthodox Jewish Culture Essay

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According to Levine (2016), Ultra-Orthodox Jewish culture contains varying sects, Hasidic/Yeshivas is considered a Jewish religious sect which originated in the Ukraine and Lithuania as a spiritual movement of Judaism which spread throughout Eastern Europe during the eighteenth century. Hasidic Immigrants have settled in the United States, United Kingdom and Israel. Disciples of its originator Ba 'al Shem Tov have since disseminated it into sects. The cultural intersectionality in focus is current Hasidism, an Ultra-Orthodox sect of Judaism which preserves its religious conservatism and social isolation from mainstream society. (Levine, 2016) Ultra-Orthodox Jewish culture maintains historical customs and likens to the Amish culture from outside observation, their community and family lives have seemingly stopped in time. They are recognizable by their differential style with characteristics reminiscent of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The males adorn black coats and Cossack-looking hats; their beards are full with distinct side curls called peyots which adhere to the Torah’s instruction to not cut the corners of one’s head. Different sects of Ultra-Orthodox Jews vary the style of curls distinguishing one group from another. The women wear modest clothing which covers their skin from neck to ankles and forearms and wears wigs that cover their shaven or closely cut heads. Modesty is of the utmost importance;

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