A Brief Note On Workforce Injury Or Death

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Workforce injury or death – In the construction business, health and safety is the most concerning risk. Working on construction site is very physically demanding job and also very dangerous. There are many sources of potential danger – from injuries caused by working with the tools/material/equipment, to the fatal accidents caused by negligence. Examples of such an events: falls from heights, slips from scaffolding, electrocutions, falling objects, explosions, overexertion, vehicle-related accidents…  To control these risks, safety standards have to be met at all times and monitored frequently. All employees should be trained and informed about Health & Safety standards; supervisors have to be responsible for ensuring safety measures are in place on every construction site and if something goes wrong, they should be held accountable. Accident and injury rates should be carefully monitored on regular basis. Examples of simple but crucial safety rules include: work areas should be clear of obstructions; slippery surfaces should be reported immediately; safety net should be installed to prevent objects from falling on workers; all workers should be provided with electrical safety training; visibly mark the area for vehicles-only. As mentioned in the annual report 2015, good practice has already been established on our sites in order to reduce the health risks – defibrillators were provided at as many workplaces as possible. Failure to win and retain contracts – our business
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