A Car Vehicle And Driverless Automobile

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A Self-Driving or Driverless automobile are autonomous vehicles that have the ability to control itself and its own environment by using special technologies without humans interfering. As of today, the known prototypes are now gasoline engines such as the Lexus RX450h and the Audi TTS where the Toyota Prius is the only hybrid. Within the next five to ten years, Tesla is hopeful they can release their driver-less vehicle as the first fully electric type model. They’re able to keep their positions the way it is, even if the conditions or environments change due to their ability to update the maps from the inputs of sensors and devices around them. These vehicles can see the surroundings by using electronic techniques of computer vision,…show more content…
This type of range sensor is called the Velodyne HDL laser with 64 beams that allows the system to spin 360 degrees and will let itself see what’s around its surroundings up to 197 to 230 feet of area radius. The scanning of the vertical angle will track down better reliability, point of view and the cloud density. Advantages of the LiDAR system is the 3-D mapping that allows itself to see what’s at front and behind of the vehicle. Regardless of the light climate like cloudy or sunny, the time of day, it can still see the same way with the benefit of using emitted light, atoms or molecules converting from a high to a low energy state. No interference can distract the sensor from working as it is considered the more improved system and has better resolution so it can see better and clearer than radar. This sensor can also see invisible things like car exhaust smoke coming from the tailpipe. Disadvantages of the LiDAR systems is that the price is too expensive, it can’t see past 230 feet causing the system the need to rescan again as it moves forward due to the slow refresh rate. Harsh weather like heavy rain, snow or fog can block the camera from seeing what’s coming at the vehicle. Recent studies have shown that the LiDAR system could be compromised easily and disrupt the sensor with the help of a laser pointer. By shining it with a laser pointer, it would assume some force of
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