A Career As A Medical Assistant Essay

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After my completion at Dorsey I would like to further my career at St. Josephs Hospital and Medical Center. I feel as though I will be the perfect fit to complement the requirements to be a Medical Assistant at St. Josephs. As well the St. Joseph's founders helping hands reminds me of my past and those who helped me. Therefore St. Josephs history shows me that being a Medical Assistant is more than what it seems and is a passion that I hope to follow at St. Joseph.

St. Joseph's was founded by the Sister's of Mercy (Catholic Women's Religious Congregation). In 1892 the Sisters came to Phoenix, Arizona with a mission to open a parish school. After it's completion they began a new mission to help tuberculosis victim's. In January of 1895
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Josephs business affiliates are Arizona State Physician Association, Phoenix Children's Hospital, United Surgical Partner’s International Vanguard Health Systems to name a few. With Neurology & Neurosurgery, Lung Disease & Transplant, Cancer Center, Heart Center and Women’s Health being their Centers of Excellence.

St. Joseph's is a 586+ bed non-profit hospital that provides a variety of health care, social and support services with special programs for the poor and underserved. St. Joseph is part of Dignity Health Medical Group, one of the largest healthcare systems in the West. Dignity Health Medical Group is group that employs physician for Dignity Health. The group itself employs over 250 provider’s and 500 support staff with a variety of specialties.

I will like to further my Medical Assistant career at St. Joseph’s because over the year’s St. Joseph hospitals has been a backbone to its community. I will like to be apart of a team who supports families and patients when they are at their most vulnerable state. There is plenty of room for advancements , they offer tuition reimbursement which is a plus to furthering my education. Also, I’m passionate about caring for other’s and wanting to give
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