A Career As An Athletic Trainer

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Athletic Trainer

Have you been looking to get in shape? Recovering from a bone or muscle injury? Out of many other jobs I could have chose, athletic trainer seemed best. Helping people with their lives and health sounds like something I would like to do. This job could also be difficult if the trainee didn’t want to cooperate or was unable to eat certain foods.

Athletic trainers mainly prevent, diagnose, and treat bone and muscle injuries, along with illness. All that is needed to become one is a bachelor’s degree and possibly a licence depending on which state you live. This will take more time than I thought because I didn’t think anything was required.

I would work either in an educational setting like a college or a school, or places like a hospital or fitness center. The place that I would prefer to work is a fitness center but, I would settle for something else if I got the chance.
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I would be making quite a bit of money because the median annual wage is $43,370. The lowest ten percent of people make less than $27,610 and the highest ten percent make more than $67,070.

I want to be an athletic trainer because I have a fairly healthy lifestyle and I don’t think this job would seem like work to me. I am excited to possibly see what this job is like and how it is compared to what I
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