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Children are often asked what they want to be when they are older. Typical answers are doctor, lawyers, athlete, etc. Thinking back when given the opportunity to answer the question my answer was that I wanted to help people. As I progressed in aged that answer kept evloving, but the root was always the same. A career that made an impact on someone's life is what I was in search for.

Coming from a large family careers are often handed down to children. Brother teacher, grandmother teacher, sister-in-law teacher, grandfather veteran counselor, aunt teacher. From that list my career choice seems to be apparent education, but at a young age that answer was not apparent to me.

High school senior face a major life decision college vs. work force. Most do not realize the severity of this decision. When faced with that choice I decided to pursue college at Kent State University majoring in Paralegal Studies in 2009. When asked why paralegal my answer was simple and my younger self was smiling with pride. I wanted to help people. I had an ideal image that I was going to be my own version of Erin Brockovich. When given that opportunity, I realized that real life isn't like the motion pictures.

I found myself as an intern for a local law department doing the complete opposite in what I was in search for. Daily I witnessed individuals get sucked into the system. Granted I know that these people were her for a reason, but the resources available to them were slim to none. As my
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