A Case Manager Setting The Patient Up With Hospice Or Palliative Care For The Care Of Individual Patients

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1. Caregiver: Looks after another individual and helps assist/take care of the other person’s needs. A home health nurse tends to the nursing needs of those who are in need of medical assistance. Examples of this is cleaning colostomy sites, and tending to a patient’s wound care.

Case manager: Coordinates all of the proper resources and services in regards to the care of individual patients. The responsibilities are to assist within, between, and outside of facilities, this creates a multidisciplinary approach to promote the most holistic and patient centered care. Examples of this would be the case manager setting the patient up with Hospice or palliative care if needed, and communicating with occupation or physical therapy if …show more content…

Bethany was very respectable and considerate to the patient’s needs in regards to economics and cost. She explained to me how home health stays with patient’s like the two we saw or else they would be left high and dry on their own. With the patient’s we discussed their insurance plans (both on medicare) and how far their insurance would provide for them and what would be out of pocket money. We collaborated with the patient’s and made phone calls during the visits to see what services we could get the patient’s apart of.

3. Staying positive/enthusiasm: Bethany always had a smile on her face which set the stage for positive conversation. Patient would share about past experiences and Bethany would be reassuring that the same mistakes would not be made and let the patient know her concern and care for them through expressing enthusiasm.

Open ended questions: This was very important to do with the admission visits. It allows us to get to know the patient better by promoting them to be open and encourages them to do so. Open ended questions such as, “how many times have you fallen in the last month?” versus, “have you fallen in the last month”, allowed us to hear the full story from the patient about the many falls she has been experiencing, as well as the level of in home support they were receiving, and safety concerns rather than just a,

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