Case Management and Interventions Essay

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1. In your own words, describe your understanding of case management?
What I understand of case management is that it helps Social Workers in helping their clients, meaning social workers take actions to manage the various aspects of cases they are working on. Case management is also a shared process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy for decisions and services to meet an individual’s need through communication and available resources. Case management examines the person’s physical, emotional, environmental state, and promotes quality and cost-effective outcomes. In addition, in Case management the worker helps to empower the clients to become self-sufficient. Moreover, Case management is structure into six principles and procedures that help social workers in their facilitating process with cases and clients. The principles and procedures are models that help manage the different phases of cases.
2. In your own words, describe your understanding of Client-Level Intervention?
A client-level intervention is an essential for the growth of a client. As Social workers, we believe that individuals have the ability to solve their own problems. In the client-level intervention, a case manager completes an assessment to know where the client’s strengths, limitation, and resources are. It is fundamental to prioritize the problems that most affect the client, since many individuals have several. With the partnership of both the worker and the client, a service…

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