Case Management and Interventions Essay

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1. In your own words, describe your understanding of case management?
What I understand of case management is that it helps Social Workers in helping their clients, meaning social workers take actions to manage the various aspects of cases they are working on. Case management is also a shared process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy for decisions and services to meet an individual’s need through communication and available resources. Case management examines the person’s physical, emotional, environmental state, and promotes quality and cost-effective outcomes. In addition, in Case management the worker helps to empower the clients to become self-sufficient. Moreover, Case management is structure into six principles …show more content…

The system-level intervention works at the macro level with the partnership of both administration and the worker. It is a worker’s responsibility to understand the agency’s policies, resources, finances, and gaps in services. The more educated a worker is in system-level intervention, the more effective he or she will be able to bring positives changes to a program and the clients. Furthermore, at the system-level intervention, the worker should also try to influence on behalf of the most susceptible, if changes are made.

4. In reviewing the six principles of case management, in the Case Management notes provided in seminar class, discuss two (2) of your strengths as a Case Manager, and how these strengths contribute to your ability to provide effective case management to your clients.
In reviewing the six principles of case management two of my strengths as a case manager are, the community is viewed as an oasis of resources, not as an obstacle, and Aggressive outreach is the preferred mode of intervention. I believe that our clients have a right to the societal resources they need. Many times people blame the communities for lack of services and resources, but every community has resources available to everyone. The communities also blame the people for not taking advantage of the services and resources available to them. My

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