A Case Study Of Tine Diagnostic Process Of The Heart

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1048 K.F. Alkhayat, M.H. Alam-Eldeen tine diagnostic process of patients with suspected pneumonia
[2,4]. During the last 20 years, ultrasound has been shown to be highly effective in evaluating a range of pathologic pulmonary conditions [13]. One of the most widely practiced applications is the evaluation of pneumonia with ultrasound. Pointof-care ultrasound imaging, performed at the patient’s bedside, decreases the delays of chest radiography in the diagnosis of pneumonia [1,5].
The objective of this study was to determine the accuracy of chest US in diagnosing CAP compared with chest radiography. Patients and methods
The present study was carried out on 62 patients (28 males and
34 females), their age ranged from 25 to 80 years with
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The anterior chest wall was marked off from the parasternal line to the anterior axillary line. This zone was split into an upper region (from the collar bone to the second–third inter- costal space) and a lower region (from the third intercostal space to the diaphragm). The lateral area (anterior to posterior axillary line) was split into upper and lower halves. Finally, the posterior area was identified from the posterior axillary line to the paravertebral line [5].
The ultrasound transducer is moved until a rib interspace is located. The probe is then panned horizontally and vertically to the extent possible to allow the broadest sweep through the area being imaged [1]. Raising the arm above the patient’s head increases the rib space distance and facilitates scanning.
Before performing the US examination, the patient’s chest radiograph was reviewed to localize the area of interest.
Scanning was performed during quiet respiration, to allow for assessment of normal lung movement, and in suspended respiration, when a lesion can be examined in detail.
The echogenicity of a lesion was compared with that of the liver and characterized as hypoechoic, isoechoic, or hyperechoic [9].
US pattern in consolidated lung
The key to ultrasound visualization of pneumonia in the lungs is relative loss of aeration of a portion of the lung and a concomitant increase in the fluid
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