A Child Called It By David Pelzer

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The definition of abuse is when someone uses cruel and violent treatment to negatively affect a person repeatedly. Abuse can come in a variety of ways, such as psychological abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and one of the most common yet overlooked is sexual abuse. In the book A Child Called IT, David Pelzer writes the story of his childhood. A child whose whole life was surrounded by abuse, his mother would beat him and hurt him in such a way that she left him almost dead in several occasions. Sharon olds wrote a series of poems that all seemed to link up together after reading them consecutively. I go back to May 1937 is dealing with changing her existence, Little things is about focusing on enjoying small things,…show more content…
In her poem I go back to May 1937 she talks about the day her parents graduated from college, decided they wanted to get married, and how two young kids didn’t know any better. Sharon Olds wrote “ I want to go up to them and say Stop, don’t do it – she’s the wrong woman, he’s the wrong man, you are going to do things you cannot imagine you would ever do, you are going to do bad things to children, you are going to suffer in ways you have not heard of, you are going to want to die” ( Olds 864 line 14). This could be complicated to understand but she wrote this wishing that she could go back in time and change her future and that of her parents as well. She wanted to get rid of her pain, and suffering, the bad memories she has of her father touching and sexually abusing her. Even if it meant she wouldn’t have been born or if she wouldn’t have existed at all. But she also wanted better for her parents. She believed that if maybe they wouldn’t have gotten married and been together. Both of them could have been different, they could have had normal and decent lives. Maybe they would have had kids that they actually loved and cared for. Happiness and bliss wasn’t really something that Sharon Olds Wrote about. But in the poem little things it seems to have a pretty positive theme. Which is quite different and strange when comparing them to other poems she wrote. But after
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