Essay on A Child Soldier's Life

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Carolina Quinones
Mr. Paradis
English 10
11 June 2013
A Child Soldier’s Life The life of a child soldier is not an easy one; it’s full of violence and bloodshed. Children from most ages get recruited and are forced to do things that they are against, things that are against their beliefs. But although child soldiers suffer through many mental disorders, they can still be respectable adults. They go through many things, the recruiting itself, then the violence, after comes the horrifying rehabilitation and last they are finally reintegrated into society. In A Long Way Gone, Ishmael suffered from these things, himself explaining that at some point in his life, he just went numb to everything (Beah 121).
Throughout Africa, rebel
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This program takes away their guns and anything that remind them of the war, like the drugs, after they put the child in a rehabilitation center and try to give them a new cycle, like going to school and such and last they reintegrate them into society, both socially, economically and emotionally (“Recent Developments in International Rehabilitation of Child Soldiers”). Different methods are taken to help these children rehabilitate, but none the less, they are rehabilitated, and helped, taken away from the war and returned to their childhoods.
After the children are rehabilitated, they are reintegrated into society with the hope that they will continue their lives violence-free. Actual studies have been made to evaluate the process of the children after they are rehabilitated and thrown back into society. In the study, children who had killed someone increased levels in hostility, others who survived rape also had high levels of anxiety and hostility but they had shown greater confidence and prosocial attitudes. At the end of the study, the improved community acceptance lowered levels of depression and improved confidence and prosocial attitudes despite the violent past. (Betancourt, “Sierra Leone’s Former Child Soldiers: A Follow-up Study of Psychological Adjustment and Community Reintegration”). The study showed that despite their violent
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