A Child 's Immune System

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Imagine walking into a room and finding a toddler digging through the garbage. This would distress most parents. Especially if they got sick after being exposed to all the bacteria that was in the garbage. Children are always looking for something they can either suck on, dig through or destroy. They require close supervision, but it is also important to let them explore the world around them. Is it better to let your child be exposed to germs and bacteria that are present in our everyday life or to keep them in a cleaner, more controlled environment? A parent’s protective instinct to keep their child clean and healthy may backfire when the child gets older. An infant 's immune system is very weak and only gets stronger as it is exposed to more bacteria. Children who grow up in a more controlled, sick free environment are more likely to have more sick days once they start school. Their immune system is not strong enough to handle the new germs in their environment. It sounds strange but the more colds, flu and ear infections a child has in their early years; the more likely they will be healthy when they start school. Children should be exposed to various environments to ensure their immune systems are strong. This has been proposed and encouraged by several different theories, research studies and child experts.
Every mother has their own opinion when it comes to how to raise their children. This paper emphasizes the important role a children’s environment plays in
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