A Christian Learning about Islam

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I went to the Islamic Center of peace in Orlando to learn more about the Islamic religion. I was very curious about learning and wanted more understanding on the subject of Islam. I went there also for the free dinner. I also wanted to see what it be like to see another religion would look like. Since I was raised in a Christian environment all of my life. I wanted to experience what a completely different church and religion was like. To their culture and food how much different it was from my own. I was pleasantly surprised when I had arrived at the mosque especially because I was late. I did not know where I was supposed to be and no one knew where I was supposed to go. I previously was told that the mosque that I was in was sacred as been told previously and I must take off my shoes while I am in a holy place. I found a shoe stand and left my shoes there and walked around the compound barefooted because I did not know which places are holy and which were not. I walked in on a session where a bunch of people where on their knees bowing (praying) towards a wall I asked the lady their where was I supposed to go and she pointed towards a direction and did not speak a word in the mosque. So I followed where she had pointed and walked around more in the compound barefooted. This is where I realized the place was also a school because I was going into several classrooms until I found this nice Muslim girl who led me there in the meeting room where the service was at.
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