A Christian Worldview Of Common Core Standards

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A Christian Worldview of Common Core Standards
Christal Klinger
EDU 520: Bishop
Current Issues WebQuest: Session 4

A Christian Worldview of Common Core Standards
Common Core standards at a national level, assist the education system by the establishment of academic expectations that students must satisfy to continue to the next grade level or graduate from high school, no matter the state or school district. With a set of standards, consistency occurs because all students’ are held to meet the same standards skill in their academic studies. Why, then, are there concerns about the implementation and use of Common Core standards within the Christian community? First, to discern this question, an assessment of concerns Christians have …show more content…

To illustrate this point, Avramovich, (2014) notes that an English teacher no longer teaches literacy and appreciation of knowledge utilizing a wide assortment of classical texts, some of which contain religious references or cultural components that may potentially be offensive. Instead, the English teacher must focus on the development of skills related to the reading of nonfiction texts (2014), which are a major component of the national tests. These classic texts, Schultz (2016) offers, guide learning towards a deeper understanding of the “truths of the human condition.” Consequently, for Christian teachers of private, public or home-schooled environments, fear the standards will force them to follow these Common Core baselines so that students may go on to the next grade level (Theriot, 2014), thus stifling any flexibility or freedom.
The next concern among Christian individuals and organizations relates to the idea of a governmental takeover, infringing on education through the use of standards to “control the beliefs and actions of parents and their students” (Theriot, 2014). In this case, the argument relates to how these standardized tests based on the Common Core expectations focus on the elimination of passages, questions or answers that implicitly or explicitly show any bias. Bauerlien (2015), author of “Standardized Culture an article

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