The Common Core Of Education

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The Common Core in Education Linda Lynch Colorado Technical University Abstract The Executive Branch of the United States Government and the President has the powers that can influence many things one of them is our Education and the Common Core law that had taken in to effect back in June 2010. Even before the Common Core States standards were, official dozens of states had adopted the standards. Now even though it all may look good on the outside does not make it good. Many states supported the Common Core bill and they were actually excited about it. In fact, even as most Americans are unaware that the common Core existed. The Obama administration Secretary of education declared that the common Core State Standards might think that this is the greatest thing that has happened for our public education in our lovely USA. The trouble with the Common Core is not that it was the handiwork of Anti-Americans or Anti-Teachers but that it was the work of well meaning, self-impressed technocrats who fudged difficult questions, used federal coercion to compel repaid national adoption (National Affairs 2014). The Common Core in Education In this Essay, I will try to show the difference of what our Education use to be compared to our Education now and what the Common Core has done to our Education today. How the Common Core went wrong, if we go back to the Tea Party conservative and militant, testing union activists have forged an unlikely alliance
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