A Christmas Carol At Playhouse Essay

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A Christmas Carol at Playhouse in the Park in Cincinnati, Ohio has continued to entertain and surprise its audiences since it’s first production in 1991. A Christmas Carol is a story that can live on for decades as it’s theme and message will always universally apply to people. The director, Michael Even Haney, discussed his reasons for returning to Playhouse in the Park each year in the director’s notes of this year’s program. He says, “But the major reason I return every year to tell this perfect Christmas story is YOU, the audience. From 1991, our first year, Cincinnati has enthusiastically embraced this production and many have made it a family tradition. Seeing the faces of the children entering the theatre and getting their first glimpse of the set, hearing their squeals at Marley’s entrance and their laughter as Scrooge enjoys his redemptive metamorphosis- these moments sweeten my holiday season like nothing else.” As Michael Evan Haney said, A Christmas Carol is a lively story that can offer each audience member an important life lesson that can live forever. The story of Ebenezer Scrooge is one that people all over the world may be familiar with, but Playhouse in the Park’s rendition of this famous story does more than do the story justice. Their rendition entertains, excites, and satisfies the audience during the busy holiday season each year. In this review of A Christmas Carol at Playhouse in the Park, I will discuss the actors, scenery, lighting, and costumes of

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