A Client Scenario For A Human Development Class At Tarleton State University

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Case Conceptualization
Zachary Moore
Tarleton State University

This paper covers a client scenario for a human development class at Tarleton State University. The paper will cover the ethical and legal considerations in the client scenario and the student will develop a case conceptualization utilizing theories of human development. An appropriate counseling treatment plan with related interventions is also covered with a diagnosis as well. This paper will examine the human behavior that includes addictive behavior, exceptional behavior, psychopathology, and situational and environmental factors that affect both normal and abnormal behavior. Keywords: case conceptualization, theory, counseling interventions.

Case Conceptualization Case conceptualization is the process in which a counselor makes sense of a client’s presenting concerns in the context of a theoretical framework. Basically, it refers to how counselors explain or understand the client’s symptoms, personality characteristics, cognitions, feelings, and behaviors in light of a particular theory or integration of theories. These understandings should lead to the formulation of counseling goals and intervention strategies.
Identifying Information
Harvey is a 57-year old male currently married for the third time. He has two grown children from his first marriage and a 12-year old daughter with his current wife. Harvey is a manager at a large corporation and his…
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