A Client Scenario For A Human Development Class At Tarleton State University

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Case Conceptualization
Zachary Moore
Tarleton State University

This paper covers a client scenario for a human development class at Tarleton State University. The paper will cover the ethical and legal considerations in the client scenario and the student will develop a case conceptualization utilizing theories of human development. An appropriate counseling treatment plan with related interventions is also covered with a diagnosis as well. This paper will examine the human behavior that includes addictive behavior, exceptional behavior, psychopathology, and situational and environmental factors that affect both normal and abnormal behavior. Keywords: case conceptualization, theory, counseling interventions. …show more content…

He comes to sessions dressed appropriately and is groomed appropriately as well. Harvey has brown hair and brown eyes with no other distinguishing marks of note.
Chief Complaint
Harvey came to counseling because his wife has threatened to leave him over his drug use and he wants to be able to work things out with his wife. He feels like there is no communication between his wife and him and wants to find out how to discuss things without ignoring each other for a time. He states that he smokes marijuana and that he has been since he was a teenager. Harvey states that his marijuana use has escalated in the past year and he is smoking a lot more than he used to. He also states that he does not have a good relationship with his children and would like to be able to relate to them and have a better relationship. Harvey admits to having affairs throughout his current marriage and states that his wife does not know about them.
Presenting Problem
Harvey has expressed that he would like to have a better relationship with his wife and children. He also states that he would like to stop smoking marijuana as well. Harvey lives with his third wife and their 12-year old daughter. He works for a large company as a manager and states that he likes his job and does well at work. He states that his wife has recently threatened to leave him over his marijuana use. He states that he does not have a problem with marijuana because he goes to work everyday and it does

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