A Commercialized Christmas Essay

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One can almost cut through the irony of hearing Bing Crosby sing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” on the radio when the temperature is sixty and the first frost of winter is still weeks away. As citizens of the United States in this day and age, people are most likely all too accustomed with this typical rush promoted between important festivities. It’s exclusively about generating maximum revenue for the large corporations as frantic shoppers attempt to assuage their stress through hour upon hour of incessant shopping; arising in our society today, an important question of whether or not this avaricious behavior communicates total loss of understanding as to what the true meaning of the season represents. In my opinion, some …show more content…

Within our culture, it seems to be of much more convenience to attend a Christmas Eve sale at Macy’s rather than the Christmas Eve vigil at a local church. Days such as BLACK Friday really do give a good characterization to the way we as a whole have become. Next, one is unable to enjoy the true spirit of the season – the togetherness, the contentment, and the unadulterated joy – when the only thing singed into our minds is the need to prepare for the next quickly-approaching holiday. Before you can even begin to think of the forthcoming celebration, all consumer-based retailers have their shelves stocked high with goods pertaining to seasons months in the future. Sears, Kmart and Home Depot were among the first wave of retailers to set up their holiday displays and merchandise during the last week of September (“Kmart, Sears, and Home Depot”). It seems that, at this point every year, Halloween and Thanksgiving are to be forgotten, shipped away to the land of misfit rationalizations; the biggest moneymaker of them all is the only thing that retail stores want you to remember. It’s impossible to see the beauty of the multitude of colors painted across the leaves of changing trees, to watch the snow gently blanket the cold, hard, winter ground, or to enjoy the company of several generations of loved ones gathered in close proximity when the

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