A Common Goal Of Humanity

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A common goal of humanity is to find the answer to many philosophical questions involving the reasons humans are here and who or what else might be in the universe with us. In The Essential Mengzi, Mengzi attempts to decipher why humans are here and what basic human nature is – whether or not humans are good and how to expand upon any existing positive attributes. In another text, The Book of Job, Job’s life is manipulated by G-d as a test of his loyalty. The nature of the divine is very clearly shown in this story. Put together, these works create a very strong juxtaposition in which humanity comes across as being very insignificant in the universe. While some people believe that humans form the most important source of life in the universe, our part is actually significantly smaller than one might think, as seen in the juxtaposition of the natures of both the divine and humanity that is presented in the works of The Essential Mengzi and The Book of Job.
The nature of the divine should be benevolent and caring; however, this is not always the case. To start, the divine can mean multiple things, such as any number of deities (depending on the religion), a ruler, or a king. As stated in Mengzi’s teachings, a ruler must first and foremost care for his or her people. If this is not the primary goal, and something such as greed is, the ruler is unfit to rule, and their kingdom may end up revolting and protesting against them. He believes that “there [should] simply be

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