A Common Misconception Of Diversity

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A common misconception that people make about diversity in a business environment is associating it with employment equality. The mistake may cause people to assume that diversity does not apply to them since they are not responsible for hiring employees. This can make achieving the goal of a diverse collaboration challenging because diversity is voluntary, it applies to everyone, and its success exclusively depends on each individual. Diversity is more than just equality, and it must be looked at broadly because it is not limited to specific categories such as age, gender, and race. Instead, diversity encompasses an entire array of opinions, attributes, perspectives, talents, and experiences that are unique to each individual –creating diversity. Understanding the concept of diversity is important, it will encourage people to not only to apply it in the workplace, but in all areas of their life as well. Employment equality is an example of government regulation over industry, it is mandatory, and it is enforced through legislation. “Affirmative action refers to programs that intended to affirm the civil rights by taking positive action to protect them from discrimination” (National Archives and Records Administration). Before this time women and minorities were considered to be inferior to white males, and they faced discrimination in finding employment and with compensation. The United Stated government sought to “made it unlawful for an employer to fail or refuse to hire
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