A Comparison Between 127 Hours And 127 Hours

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The novel, Between a Rock and a Hard Place was written by Aron Ralston and was published in 2004. Meanwhile the film, 127 Hours, was directed by Danny Boyle. The film was produced in 2010 and had a budget of $18,000,000. Aron Ralston had a big say in the making of the film and wanted it be as accurate as possible. After Aron saw the film, he commented how it was "so factually accurate it is as close to a documentary as you can get and still be a drama." Aron even made an appearance at the end of the film. 127 Hours was nominated for 147 awards, including six Oscars. The protagonist of the novel was well developed in both novel and film. James Franco was casted to play Aron in the film and he definitely enhanced the role. Aron Ralston is …show more content…

That moment gave Aron the motivation to go through with the amputation and ultimately save his life. The best part about Aron’s character is his resilience. Aron’s physical and mental strength enabled him to escape a deadly situation. The main setting of the novel is in Canyonlands National Park in southeastern Utah. In the beginning of the novel, Aron goes into great detail to explain the numerous canyons. “the rolling scrub desert gradually drops away into a region of painted rock domes, hidden cliffs, weathered and warped bluffs, tilted and tortured canyons, and broken monoliths” (Ralston 5). The Canyonlands are a desolate area, and the only people that Aron encountered before his entrapment were Megan and Kristi, two lost hikers that he happened to meet. After Aron became trapped in Blue John Canyon, the film also captures the isolation when the camera zooms away from Aron to capture a wide panoramic view of the park with no civilization in sight. The film even captured some of the smaller details of the novel, like the raven. There was another scene in the film where the visuals beat anything that could have been imagined while reading the book. As Aron was trapped in the canyon, he reminisces about a trip to the Grand Canyon. When Aron was a kid, he experienced the sun rise above the canyon as “the rock strata of the inner canyon changed from dark umbers and black shadows to immense bands of pastel yellow, white, green, and a hundred shades

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