A Comparison Of Advertisements In The New York Times

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The New York Times is a very popular newspaper that people have been reading and subscribing to since before the 1900s. Since humans are always evolving, whether it be from immigration, social changes, or even cultural changes; when comparing two newspapers that are 75 years apart is going to show a huge change in almost all subjects of the paper. One thing that is very noticeable to having many changes is the advertisements in the two newspapers. When looking at the newspaper from 1998 or the newspaper from 1923, you might expect some obvious changes in the advertisement’s style, features, characteristics, or even what is being advertised in general. Consumers are always looking for new and greater things to purchase which leads to changes in what is being advertised. Advertisements might not be the main thing that a consumer is looking at while reading the paper, but it is something that can catch their attention while reading. In the New York Times, it is almost difficult to come across a page without running into an advertisement off to the side. It can even steer your attention away from what you were reading in the first place. While some readers are reading for the news, most people are consumers and are really interested in the advertisements. If they are looking for something specific, they most likely will find it advertised somewhere in the paper, considering that was the main way for businesses to get customers. For example, most people in 1998 were
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