A Comparison Of Mental Illness In Hamlet And The God Of Small Things

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While Hamlet and Estha both have trauma inflicted upon them, which leads to psychological illnesses, the societal effects are very different. The culture in Hamlet and The God of Small Things is very different, which causes mental illness to also be treated differently throughout the two novels. Hamlet takes place during the Renaissance Era in England, while The God of Small Things takes place in Ayemenem, India mainly in 1969, while some scenes happen in 1993. Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark, he has many options as to how he wants to handle his mental illness. The mental health of Hamlet must be addressed, as he is a public figure. During this time, “nervous diseases were fashionable, and… a sign of refinement and sensibility” (Bynum 392). Mental health illnesses are a very controversial topic during the Renaissance Era, as some strongly look down upon them and some envy them. Hamlet is in a position of power, and those around him…show more content…
Because of the culture and societal pressures surrounding them, the effects of their traumas result in different severities of mental illnesses. Being in a well economic state and also a position of power, Hamlet’s mental illness can be purposely overlooked and ignored at times, while Estha is a boy who has no power, and who is surrounded by family who either has no power, or is unwilling to help or overlook his condition, as it may bring shame to the family name. As seen throughout William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things, trauma leads to mental illness. Depending on the culture and societal pressures of the surrounding cultures the mental illness is treated differently. If the illness is not taken care of, it develops further and the effects are more intense. This can be seen through the two novels as mental illness that is treated results in psychosis, and mental illness that is left untreated results in
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