A Comparison Of The Acropolis And Chartres Cathedral

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The Acropolis and Chartres Cathedral are two building with immense historical and cultural value that are admired to this day. In Arts and Ideas, Marien Warner and William Fleming discuss about the physical features and purposes of these iconic structures and the ingenuity implemented in them. They were not only build as religious or cultural centers, but also to prove that they are capable of producing works that are different and revolutionary with regards of their esthetics and architecture.
Although Chartres and the Acropolis are very different from a visual standpoint, they were both used for religious and cultural purposes. The Chartres Cathedral was visited by thousands because of its shrine and celebrations dedicated to the Virgin Mary that were “unique to the Cathedral of Chartres” (Marien and Fleming 193). Being “the geographical center of the medieval town”, the cathedral was used for town meetings and social gatherings where theatrical and musical performances were housed. Also, it was a representation of the town as an indication is the “size and height of its cathedral” (Marien 193). The Acropolis was, like Chartres, was used for a variety of reasons like “their religious, cultural, and civic ceremonies” (Acropolis 26). In the agora people were selling and buying goods, having discussions, and conducting city affairs. In addition one could have even heard Socrates “arguing with the Sophists” (Acropolis 26). In the Theater of Dionysus (dedicated to the god of

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