A Comparison of Theorists

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A Comparison of Theorists
Maliha-Sameen Saeed
December 14, 2014

There are many great theorists for the Early Childhood Education. Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget are two of the many theorists that benefit the teachers and parents to comprehend their children learning development. The paper will compare the two theorists and their difference of their cognitive development.
Jean Piaget vs. Lev Vygotsky
Jean Piaget cognitive development theory explained the changes of logical thinking of children and adolescent. Piaget suggested that children advance four stages based on maturity and experience.
Piaget suggested...
1. Children are active learner who learns from their own environment.
2. Children learn through …show more content…

246, 2009).
Applied to the learning environment of an early childhood classroom
Vygotsky and Piaget theories can apply to an Early Childhood classroom simply because most of their theories will benefit the teachers to use in their classroom. Vygotsky’s scaffolding is when teacher to show guidance towards their students so the students can have the ability to comprehend and think on their own. Solving problems and solution is a boundless to use in the classroom especially if the teachers need and want the children to prepare themselves for the real world. Piaget’s theory has the four stages of Cognitive ability. Thus it will benefit the teacher to use when they are observing the child thinking abilities with proper use of the assessment and difference of the child’s age. For an example if the teacher is teaching two years old she would want to look for make believe play, when a child likes to pretend they are a character from movie or book this stage is call Preoperational Stage. Teachers should observe the activities when the child is pretending to be Queen Elsa or Princess Anna.
“Social-cognitive theories emphasize that teaching and learning are highly social activities and that interactions with teachers, peers, and instructional materials influence the cognitive and affective development of learners” (Kim, Baylor, pg. 574, 2006). Teacher should provide a rich variety to promote exploration and

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