A Complex System Or Context Of Your Choice

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Describe a complex system or context of your choice
What is the system you have chosen? Describe some of its qualities

The immune system is a defence mechanism inbuilt in all living organisms comprised of specific biological processes and structures. Its purpose is to protect against disease using the networks of cells, tissues and organs that work cohesively for protection. In order to function correctly, the immune system must be able to detect and distinguish an expansive variety of pathogens that derive from harmful viruses, bacteria, protozoans, parasites etc. The immune system can be divided into subsystems including the adaptive immune system and the innate immune system, as well as act as part of a whole of the organisms’ body,
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Simple systems are ordered, easy to predict and have a best practice application however the immune system has many unpredictable and erratic factors such as new strains of diseases, unusual cell activity and resistance to medication which could hinder the effectiveness of the immune system.

Chaotic systems have a novel practice where there is no cause and effect relationship that can be determined. In the immune system, there is a need to probe for the relationships between disease and cause which would immediately categorise it as a complex system.

Complicated systems apply good practice, but do not have self-evident cause and effect relationships. The immune system requires adaptive and emergent practices in order to aid in the recovery of organisms. Applying good practice to the immune system would create a ‘band-aid’ solution as it would not be a long-term, emergent practice as a solution.
Demonstrate your understanding of these terms in the system or context you have chosen to explore

An adaptive system takes on new conditions in response to its environment, which improves overall value for the system and its components. Organisms are inherently adaptive in nature which can be seen throughout each line of defense. In the first line of defense, the configuration of cilia changes to seal heat within the body if the environment and the organism is cold. The second and third lines of defense can see the
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