A Correlation Between Height And Shoe Size

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Introduction I love buying shoes and I have always wondered if shoes and height is correlational. I believe it is, based on my personal experiences. Shoe size generally is proportional to height. It’s common sense that shorter people have shorter feet than taller people. However, there is probably a clearer relationship between shoe size and height when girls and boys are measured separately. The shoe size is measured from the tip of the toe to the heel. The height of a person is measured from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet.
Statement of Task The main purpose of this investigation is to see if there is a correlation between height and shoe size.
Plan of Investigation The data is collected from 36 students from Garland High School. They were from ages 16-18 years old. These students were picked based on convenience. This survey might be somewhat biased because some students did not want to take it because they did not know their information. The survey was anonymous, except for the gender. With the data I collected, I did the standard deviation, scatter plot graphs, and correlation coefficient. Standard deviation is the diffusion of data. I used it because it tells you how widely spread your data is. It’s used when assessing data. To find the standard deviation, it’s necessary to first find the mean. Now we find how far each value is from the mean (the deviation). Then, square the deviations and find the mean of those values. I used a scatter plot graph
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