A Crazy Woman In Shakespeare's Medea

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“My pain’s a fair price, to take away your smile.” This is said after Jason sees his only two son murdered at the hands of his old wife. I have reason to believe that only a crazy woman would have the ability to sacrifice her only sons death for her cruel and ungreatful plan. The play “Medea” starts off as Medea is abandoned by her husband who has cursed her into loving him no matter what. While she turns into a lonely wife then a murdering machine. During the play “Medea”, Medea develops many moods consisting from sadness to the point of being crazy. In the beginning, Medea was banished and left by Jason. Medea turned into a sad and very emotional person. As a result her friends noticed and talk to each other about how sad she was. “She will not eat; she lies collapsed in agony” (Pg.854). The nurse says this to convey that she is very sad and she doesn’t want to eat because of how much sadness she has for Jason. Not only does she not eat but she also wants to die. “What misery, what wretchedness? What shall I do? If only I were dead!” (Pg.856). This also tells you how much sadness Medea has for Jason. Lastly Medea won’t stop crying about Jason. “I heard that unhappy woman from Colchis still crying, not calm yet.” (Pg.857). This quote also tells us how sad she that she’ll even cry for Jason. This is why Medea is so sad and why she then becomes into a angry/insane person and starts to plot plans for killing her enemies. Medea sadness soon began into rage as she sees that

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