A Critique of Toxic Advertisements

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In "Brands R Us", Stephen Garey explains the silent danger of advertisement to the public and to the world. Although advertisements affect such a small amount of people, the dangers of advertisement may not seem realistic. According to Garey, people consciously do not notice it. He goes on to tell that there are between 3,000 to 5,000 advertisement messages in a person's daily life, which influences the affect. People do not realize how much a massive flood of ads cause an effect. Though consumerism was once good, it has now started to become a serious problem for the world. Many Americans today have a hard time affording the items advertised and fall further into debt. The environmental side of it though, is how ads have affected the globe. Many of the items sold are toxic to the environment. Garey does offer an alternative to these problems. He suggests people avoid advertised streets, buy more small town items, and do not purchase anything brand named. Though his solution may be rash, the problem advertising and brands cause us can be minimized. I agree that “Advertisements are the most prevalent and toxic of mental pollutants.” Advertisements today have a great effect of appealing their viewers with these toxic advertisements. Society as a whole needs to break away from the influence of the toxic advertisements, start helping smaller businesses that are affected by toxic advertisements, and invest less money into big name brands that encourages the problems from

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