A Cross Section Of The Urban Stream At Macquarie University

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Hydrology involves the study of the properties, distribution and movement of water within the earth’s atmosphere and at the Earth’s surface. The purpose of the investigation is to carry out a cross section of the urban stream at Macquarie University and uncover any potential strategies to minimise the impacts of urbanisation on steam flow. Urbanisation extensively alters groundwater systems drastically. This can result in hydrological, water quality, geotechnical or social-economic effects, which can jeopardize sustainability. Other impacts that urbanisation has on steam flow also includes: reduced well and river yields, increased chances of floods, reduced quality of groundwater, salinization, poor quality baseflow, the movement of polluted urban groundwater into surrounding rural areas and the ground becomes increasingly unstable. Urbanisation has numerous impacts on groundwater flow. Numerous pollutant sources in urban areas often give rise to plumes, which then move through the aquifer in paths often complicated by the time-variant nature of local abstractions. In residential areas chemical pollutants may be associated with minor spills and in part with sewage pollution. In extreme scenarios wastes could transform the aquifer redox systems, which would be a major cause of pollution. Potential sources of microbiological pollution include human waste systems, animal wastes and waste water injection. There are numerous engineering impacts of urbanization on steam flow. Any

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