A Cult, The Power Hungry, And The Egomaniacs

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Additionally, Tammy represents another portion of the class division, the leader of a cult, both of religion and personality, standing over her followers and giving them orders to lay down their lives while never sacrificing her own. Similar to the celebrities that influence their audience, the corrupt religious leaders that swindle their patrons, or the politicians that send young adults to war but never leave the safety of their own homes, Tammy is a symbol of the corrupt, the power-hungry, and the egomaniacs. The camera follows the same sequence as before, craning over as the next car races into the stadium, though now the announcer stands in front of the shot, acting as a separate entity, as though he is on a stage in front of a …show more content…

The man straps his virtual reality googles back on, and is sitting in the passenger seat of the next racer, Jed Perfectus, a man genetically engineered to be the perfect human in every way. Jed’s car pulls into the frame, parking perfectly so that the spray-painted image of his own visage is directly in the camera’s view. He climbs out of his car and immediately strips down to his golden underwear, the camera tilting up from his legs to reveal an obvious bulge and a “perfect” body as heavenly music plays. Jed is yet another warning, just as the film warns against corporatism and virtual reality. When genetic engineering is capable of creating the perfect man, it is easy to divide society into separate classes, those who are perfect and those who simply are not. However, his role in the film goes beyond simple class division. Jed also represents the idea of toxic masculinity that has developed from the strict gender roles that our society has develop. He grew up being told he was the perfect man, with the ideal masculine body, and has grown to believe that is the role he must fulfill, or else he is a failure. His deep hatred for Frankenstein grows from Frankenstein continuing to win the race,

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