A Data Warehouse And Business Intelligence Application

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Abstract A data warehouse and business intelligence application was created as part of the Orion Sword Group project providing business intelligence to order and supply chain management to users. I worked as part of a group of four students to implement a solution. This report reflects on the process undertaken to design and implement the solution as well as my experience and positive learning outcome. Table of Contents Abstract 1 1. Introduction 3 2. Process and Methodology 3 2.1 Team Member Selection and Organisation 3 2.2 Requirement Analysis 4 2.3 Top Down Vs Bottom Up Data Warehouse Design 4 2.4 Team Dynamics and Conflict Resolution 5 2.5 Final System Architecture, Design and Implementation 5 3. Proposals for Future Implementation 6 4. Self-Reflection 7 4.1 Self Discovery and Technical Development 7 4.2 Reinforced Understanding of the Subject 7 5. Conclusion 7 6. References 8 7. Peer Review Assessment 8 1. Introduction Working as part of a group of four students, an end-to-end data warehouse application was designed and built as part of the Orion Sword Group Consultancy project for the Data warehouse course module. The implementation of the data warehouse was based on Kimball’s (Kimball and Ross, 2013) dimensional modelling techniques which involved business requirements analysis & and determination of data realities and the four step dimensional modelling design process. These was followed by the design and
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